What is EMA?


The Emerging Energy Markets Analysis Initiative

The EMA team helps people make energy choices that are right for their time, place and community. These choices are informed by a value map created using a multi-dimensional decision framework.

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Accelerating clean energy

We see an opportunity for communities and economies to thrive by accelerating clean energy transition challenges through innovative, community-based approaches. No one-size-fits-all approach is the best choice for everyone. Our work seeks to identify, define and develop sustainable transitions that offer a path forward to cleaner energy solutions.

Identify opportunities

We identify clean energy transition policies, systems, and technologies that are right for a given location, community or region that will yield economic growth, a sustainable and secure energy supply, and equitable treatment of all.


Define a path forward

The global community faces one of the most daunting challenges of the past 100 years with the evolving need to transition to more secure, sustainable, and equitable energy infrastructures. We help to define the path forward.


Accelerate the transition

The choices we make today about what systems are chosen, what fuels are used, when and where energy sources are built will define our future and transition America’s role in a new world economy. Our goal is to accelerate this transition.


Assessing the true value of energy options

true value energy

Unprecedented challenge … unprecedented opportunity

Emerging markets have the potential to leapfrog generations of technology and outdated architectures – the opportunity to shift to a new model
There are numerous examples of market shifts, including:


  • In South Africa and Nigeria, mobile phones are as common as in the U.S. (Pew Research)
  • “There are places where there’s still no running water, but you can stream a video.” (Financial Times)
  • In the countryside, there has been a rapid spread of pay-as-you-go solar-generated power in which customers buy electricity with mobile money for as little as 50 cents a day. (Financial Times)

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System Resilience

Value Assessment

Net Zero

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Our world class partners are composed of cross-functional, multi-disciplinary team members from national laboratories and top research universities.  Together, these leading experts evaluate the confluence of factors altering the energy landscape in specific regions and help stakeholders evaluate potential options, including new nuclear technologies. Our collaborators actively engage a wide range of stakeholders – technologists, economists, consumers, social scientists, and others, to understand the unique circumstances and opportunities confronting communities as they make decisions on their energy future.

University Partners

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Case Studies and Profile Markets

The EMA Initiative provides the framework for accelerating the clean energy transition through case study analyses that are economic, sustainable, adaptable, and resilient. Chosen profile markets represent a variety of priorities and considerations. Building on insights to understand what equals “value” and refining our approach are the goals of our analyses.

Decisions with a Long-Lasting Impact


Reliable energy sources provide a path to prosperity by creating access to new economic opportunities.  Everything revolves around making the right decision for our future.  EMA provides a pathway to solutions that reflect the right time, right place and at the right cost.