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L&H Industrial and BWXT to explore microreactor technology for industrial heat and power

L&H Industrial and BWXT Advanced Technologies have signed a Joint Development Agreement aimed at deploying microreactors to provide heat and power for industrial users. This effort is the result of the groundwork laid by the Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL’s) Frontiers Initiative and the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA) Governor’s Matching Fund project that is helping pave the way for new models of microreactor deployment.

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Gillette-Based Machinery Company To Build, Lease Tiny Nuclear Reactors In Wyoming

Gillette-based L&H Industrial Inc., a 60-year-old stalwart industrial machinery company in the coal-rich Powder River Basin, has partnered with nuclear technology innovator BWX Technologies Inc. (BWXT) as part of a blockbuster deal to launch a multibillion-dollar industry in the micro nuclear reactor field.

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The Great Potential of an Itsy-Bitsy Nuclear Reactor

Doug Bernauer’s Radiant is not trying to make SMRs. His company — a VC-backed startup currently in the pre-application phase with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission — is designing a portable nuclear microreactor, which is intended to replace diesel generators.

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Lost In Time: There Was A Working Nuclear Reactor At UW 60 Years Ago

Although many have thought it was an urban myth, it’s actually true. There was a working nuclear reactor in the basement of the University of Wyoming Engineering Building in the 1960s. Dr. Victor Albert Ryan, a nuclear chemist, brought it with him to establish UW’s nuclear research program.

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Collaborating for Change: How Interest Drives the Quest for Sustainable Energy

Attendees and participants alike want to understand more about the wide reach and impact of one topic that has a direct influence on where we will be able to go in the years ahead with low-carbon energy production and several other areas vital to our communities and economy.

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TerraPower selects Kemmerer, Wyoming as the preferred site for advanced reactor demonstration plant

November 16, 2021

TerraPower today announced Kemmerer, Wyoming as the preferred site for the Natrium™ reactor demonstration project, which is a TerraPower and GE-Hitachi technology, and is one of two competitively-selected advanced reactor demonstration projects (ARDP) supported by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The company selected the Kemmerer location, near the Naughton Power Plant, following an extensive evaluation process and meetings with community members and leaders.

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Eielson AFB Announced as Site for Air Force Micro-Reactor Pilot

October 15, 2021

The Department of the Air Force has selected Eielson Air Force Base (AFB) to pilot its first micro-reactor. The next-generation energy capability will provide the installation with a clean, reliable, and resilient nuclear energy supply technology for critical national security infrastructure.

The micro-reactor pilot was initiated in response to the Fiscal Year 2019 National Defense Authorization Act requirement to identify potential locations to site, construct, and operate a micro-reactor by the end of 2027. The micro-reactor will be commercially owned and operated and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensed.